Madera Islamic Cemetery - Maghsalah Home

Contact information:

Dr. Javaid: (559) 474-1472

Sheikh Dia: (559)232-8259

Brother Ayyob: (559) 870-1235

*Brother Abdallah Salem is curruntly available VIA WHATSAPP ONLY: (559-232-4625)

Madera Islamic Cemetery

Madera Islamic Cemetery sits on a 30 acres property and is located in Madera County California on Road 26 Three miles away from Madera Islamic Center. please look at the map page for location and directions or call us.

Masjid Madera (Madera Islamic Center)

Madera Islamic Cemetery


      Madera Islamic Cemetery Hours.

  • Visits to the Madera Islamic cemetery are available 7 days a week.
  • Madera Islamic cemetery is open 7 days a week, although you must have the lock combination for the gate if you don't already have them.

          Please call for the lock combination.

  • For more information, stop by or call: (559-232-4625)
  • Brother Abdallah Salem Alsoukhelah at (559-232-4625)