Masjid Madera Funeral Services (Madera Islamic Center)

Call Madera Islamic Center First to get the instructions.

Masjid Madera (Madera Islamic Center)


  • Contact Madera Islamic Center or call Brother Abdallah Salem Alsoukhelah directly and inform them of your desire to have them to   handle the body. And follow their instructions. Brothers:  (559)232-4625 - (559)514-3115 - (559)709-1572

  • Go to the Head Nurse’s Office in the hospital and give them the name of the funeral home, given by Masjid Madera or Brother Abdallah Salem Alsoukhelah, whom you authorized to handle the body.

  • The hospital will release the body to the funeral home after the Death Certificate is signed.

  • Contact the person(s) who will assist in washing and wrapping the body; then call and make arrangements with the funeral home, as instructed by Madera Islamic Center or call Brother Abdallah Salem Alsoukhelah Salem.

  • Contact Madera Islamic Cemetery and request the Authorization Of Interment to be faxed or brought in to Madera Islamic Center.

  • The funeral home will transport the body from the hospital to their facility, provide accommodations for preparation of the body, and transport the body to your local Masjid or Madera Islamic Center, then to Madera Islamic Cemetery 

Masjid Madera (Madera Islamic Center)

This poster illustrates in detail how to wash the dead person, pray on the dead,  how to carry the dead to the burring grounds (Cemetery) and burring the dead. the Islamic way. this poster is wall size at 42x29 inches,

Click on this image to view and right click on the large image and save target as to take it to your computer.