Masjid Madera (Madera Islamic Center)

Madera Islamic Cemetery Rules and Regulations

1.All burial processes should be in accordance with the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and there is no room for cultural habits or traditions.

2.Contact the Madera Islamic Cemetery officials/director at least 24 business hours in advance, and fill out an Interment Order/Form before the burial, the person completing the Interment Order/Form and the witnesses must provide Madera Islamic Cemetery with the approved identification before the burial. If the interment order/form was pre-filled/printed online; please provide Madera Islamic Cemetery with 2 completed copies. Death Certificate MUST be provided prior to any burial services can be done, no exceptions.

3.It is important to show Islamic etiquettes during the burial:

A.Do not interfere with the staff’s work.

B.Do not step or walk on the graves.  You can walk only on the walkways.

C.Every attendant is required to fully respect and protect the properties of the Madera Islamic Cemetery; keep clean at all times.

D.No pets are allowed to enter the cemetery at any time.

E.Women are NOT allowed to participate with the burial process.

F.All minors MUST be accompanied by an Adult/Parent who is fully responsible for the minor’s activities in the cemetery.

4.Family and friends should be at least 50 feet from the grave after placing and lowering of the body in to the grave, and should remain at that distance to avoid any injuries.  The body should be in the grave without a casket, unless there is a special circumstance, and approved by Madera Islamic Cemetery director and officials. Madera Islamic Cemetery is not responsible for any damage happens to the grave during or after the burial.

5.No modifications to the grave of any kind are allowed by anyone, except changes made by Madera Islamic Cemetery.

6.No cement, constructions or stone can be placed above the ground of any grave.

7.No Qur’an verses shall be inscribed on the tombstones or any other place on the grave, only English letters will be placed on the headstone and will only include: 1- The name of the person as shown on the death certificate 2- Date of Birth 3-Date of death. Madera Islamic Cemetery will install the Headstone on the grave as suitable to the Cemetery schedule within three to six months

8.The cemetery will be open every day from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call Madera Islamic Cemetery to obtain gate lock access combination.

9.Visitors to the cemetery and grave sites shall abide by the cemetery rules and regulations:

A.Women are welcome to visit the cemetery 8:00am to 5:00pm, as long as suitably and modestly dressed.

B.Madera Islamic Cemetery is not obligated to put grass on the graves.

C.No smoking.

D.No picture taking, No video recording, No music of any kind.

E.Parking is not allowed outside the fence.  Everyone must park in the designated parking areas; violators will be towed away.